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Wolf Crossings

A Rural Viewpoint On Wolf Reintroduction And Protection

Reality Bites 

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Updated 9-06



Wolf Encounters and Attacks On The Rise In The Blue Range Wolf Recovery Area 12-16-04  
Wolves may return to Colorado, New Mexico 12-16-04 Wolves for Northern NM and Southern Colorado 12-16-04
Reintroduced Gray Wolves Fighting tooth and Nail

(with Everything)  11-29-04

Wolves And Schoolchildren Sharing Sagebrush 11-29-04
Study wolves have lost genetic Diversity 11-27-04 Wolf Attack Articles from Outdoor Life 11-26-04
Wolf recovery deemed success by some, scourge by others (Northern) 10-04-04 New wolf pack placed in Arizona 10-04-04 (Southern)
Time ticking for wolves (Northern) 10-04-04 Anti wolf fundraiser pictures (Southern) 10-04-04
NM new and old pack news (Southern) 10-04-04 Coalition plans suit over wolves (Northern) 10-04-04
Judge Denies Wolf Roundup Request (Southern) 10-04-04 Federal Judge Continues Wolf Program (Southern) 10-04-04
Judge granted biologist immunity (Northern) 10-04-04 Fed Sharpshooter Kills Wolf in Arizona (Southern) 10-04-04
Mixed reaction to wolf killing (Southern) 10-04-04 Federal government: Wyoming can't sue over wolves (Northern) 10-04-04
Feds Investigating Confirmed Wolf Attack Near McCall (Northern) 10-04-04 Wyo sues Interior over wolf documents (Northern) 10-04-04
Wolf Poacher Sentenced in Federal Court (Northern) 10-04-04 Park County joins state wolf lawsuit (Northern) 10-04-04
Researchers study elk-wolf interaction (Northern) 10-04-04 Wolves ready to come off the endangered species list (East) 10-04-04
Are our agencies & legal system being fair with the state of Wyoming over wolves???? (Northern) 10-04-04 Wolves kill three bear hounds (Northern) 10-04-04
Tucsonans strive to keep peace between cattle, wolves remote southwest Montana 07-13-04 (Northern/Southern) Pleadings are a far cry from a verdict (Northern) 10-04-04
Feds Exterminate Idaho's Largest Wolf Pack (Northern) 10-04-04 Researchers work to reduce wolf conflicts 06-22-04 (Northern)
Do not shoot anything that looks like this 06-22-04 (Southern) "Defenders of Wildlife" are a fraud and its all about $ 07-07-04
Dead wolf raises questions on animal management 06-10-04 (Northern) Frustrated hunters lead anti-wolf movement 06-22-04 (Northern)
Livestock losses leave ranchers worn down by wolves 05-17-04 (Northern) Wolf death raises questions 06-10-04 (Northern)
Ino logger has close encounter with wolves 05-17-04 (Northern) WY Park County considers wolf suit 05-17-04 (Northern)
Ranchers want feds to start killing wolves 04-19-04 (Northern) Wyo. Sues U.S. Over Wolf-Plan Rejection 05-03-04 (Northern)
Wyoming is crying wolf 04-05-04 (Northern) Mystery wolf found near Albany 04-05-04 (Northern)
Wolves Named Game Animals in Idaho 04-05-04 (Northern) Changes to Gray Wolf Program Are Sought 04-05-04 (Southern)
Letter to Wyoming from Alaska re; wolves & wolf control 03-27-04 (Northern) Wyoming to give feds 1 more chance before filing wolf lawsuit 04-05-04 (Northern)
Train kills (mexican) wolf that escaped zoo 03-13-04 (Northern) Trespass with wolves an honest mistake --- - yes and elephants fly 03-23-04 (Northern)
USFWS trespasses, planting wolves on private land 03-13-04 (Northern) Killing of wolf assailed 03-13-04 (Northern)
Wolf attacks frustrate ranchers 03-08-04 (Northern) Wolf attacks frustrate ranchers 03-13-04 (Northern)
USFWS trespasses, planting wolves on private land 02-28-04 (Northern) Panel accuses USFWS of planting wolves on private ranch land: Park County seeks probe 03-08-04 (Northern)
De-listing is a meaningless term 02-28-04 (Northern) Fond of wolves? You must live in urban area 02-28-04 (Northern)
Wolf shooting puts DNR in tight spot Wisconsin 02-25-04 Wyoming House ready for wolf battle 02-28-04 (Northern)
Wolf complaint sent to Norton 02-08-04 60-Day Notice of Intent to Sue: Gray Wolves 02-09-04 (Northern)
Pack of seven wolves shot after killing cattle 02-04-04 (Southwestern) Wyoming lawmakers back to square one on wolf plan 02-04-04 (Northern)
Elk surveys are in for National Elk Refuge 01-30-04 (Northern) Another Mexican gray wolf found dead near Beaverhead 02-01-04 (Southwestern)
Wolf incident NM May 03 part 1 01-30-04 NM wolf incident part 2 01-30-04
NM wolf incident part 3 01-30-04 NM wolf incident part 4 01-30-04
Wolves being declassified - Minnesota 01-30-04 (Northern) Green view of our wolf incident. 5-03 01-30-04 (Southwestern)
Two Female Wolves Found Dead 01-30-04 (Southwestern) Politicians wrangle over wolf legislation 01-30-04 (Northern)
Ref Wolf danger new to southern Wyoming ranchers(, same old thing in Idaho) 01-30-04 (Southwestern) Wolf danger new to southern Wyoming ranchers 01-30-04 (Northern)
Counties get wolf predator request 01-28-04 (Northern) Wolf population still doing well despite two deaths 01-30-04 (Southwestern)
Pack of 7 wolves slain after killing cows 01-27-04 (Northern) Anti-Wolf Crowd Packs Hall 01-27-04 (Northern)
MSU specialist predicts 'wolves in every county' 01-21-04 (Northern) The lobo doesn't belong in Colorado 01-21-04 (Southwestern)
Making ag pay the wolves' share 01-21-04 (Northern) Wyoming galvanizes position on "predator" classification of wolf  01-21-04 (Northern)
Wolves set to huff, puff, blow into state 01-07-04 Zoo-bred wolves are sent packing 01-07-04
PROPOSITIONS FOR WOLVES 01-07-04 Captive wolves are guinea pigs 01-07-04