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Wolf Crossings

A Rural Viewpoint On Wolf Reintroduction And Protection

Reality Bites 

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Updated 11-06


Wolf News 2006


Wolves Killed After Killing Cattle Wolves   Wreck Havoc In Idaho (outside link) WLJ online 11-6-06
REBUTTAL TO DENVER POST GUEST COMMENTARY:  WOLVES, COWBOYS, AND THE TRUTH (10/31/06) Colorado Woolgrowers Bonnie Kline Agents Target suspected hybrid 11-4
Agents kill wolf sought in attacks on sheep 11-4-06 Federal agents kill wolf between Jordan, Circle  11-4-06
In Idaho Wildreness Researchers Say Wolves Aren't Decimating Elk 10-30 Gray Wolves In Washington State pro's and cons part 1  11-2-06
Frightened Forest Service Evacuate (wolves) 10-06 Battle Lines Drawn Over Wolves  10-16-06
Wolf Population On The Rise 10-06 Feds Downplay Wolf Impacts 10-06
Collins Park Incidents 8-06 Rockies wolf pack grows 10-06
Wolf Numbers On The Rise 9-28 Idaho Wild Wolf Sighted and Filmed in Oregon 9-16
Feds Reject Idaho Plan {updated 9-27} Isle Royal Wolves Become Less Fearful 9-13
Rule delisting wolves in Idaho, Montana imminent? Wolf Pop Thriving    9-8 yellowstone
Wolf Attacks Trigger DNR Warning for Bear Hunters  9-6 Fish and Wildlife Cry Wolf 9-7
Who's Afraid of The Big Bad Wolf (people who have to live with them that's who) Ranchers say livestock are losing weight from fear of wolves
Defenders of Wildlife Fails To Compensate for livestock kills by predators State blasted over wolves 8-12
Wolf Study Based on Assumptions Expert Touts Wolf Changes 7-06
Wyo. to Sue Over Feds Wolf Management
10 J rule Hidden Agenda