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Inquest called in wolf attack death
Oshawa man died Nov. 8 2005 in Saskatchewan

A coroner's inquest will be called into the death of an Oshawa man who was killed last fall in a wolf attack.

Twenty-two-year-old Kenton Carnegie died Nov. 8 at Points North Landing in northern Saskatchewan.

Mr. Carnegie, a student in his third year at the Geological Engineering Co-Op Program at the University of Waterloo, was working in a mining camp at Points North Landing in Saskatchewan’s far north, near the Northwest Territories border. The rugged area is inhabited largely by trappers, hunters and miners, and is accessible only by air for most of the year.

A police spokesman at the time said Mr. Carnegie had gone out for a walk and when he failed to return others in the camp went to look for him.

The university student's body was discovered not far from a work camp. He had been mauled to death. According to the CBC, the attacked is believed to be the first North American case of a human being killed by healthy wolves in their natural environment.

A CBC news investigation revealed that wolves were being attracted to an illegal garbage dump in the area.

No date has been set for the inquest.