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Wolf Crossings

A Rural Viewpoint On Wolf Reintroduction And Protection

Reality Bites 

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Updated 10-06



Letter to the editor




The two U.S. Forest Service employees who got scared of howling wolves (Missoulian 17.10.06) had good reason to be afraid. When wolves are not hunted they soon lose their fear of man and investigate man as prey. Wolves are smart and flexible, they have no natural fear of man and they do not recognize us enjoying any dietary immunity. Constant wolf hunting has been absent just a few times in known history, and when it has, wolves have soon taken to man-eating, mostly to child-lifting. They strike from ambush and take the child even on the front porch and from the mother’s lap.


In 2005, the historian Antti Lappalainen published his research on lethal wolf attacks in Finnish church and court records 1640-1881. He found 193 cases, of which 110 child victims of predatory attacks in areas where wolf hunting had been neglected or prohibited, of which 69 between 1831 and 1881, after which wolves were exterminated by a nationwide effort. The Wildlife Institute of India reported in 1998 that child-lifting wolves had abducted and eaten 90 children 1989–1995 in four adjacent areas. Michail Pavlov, member of the Soviet Academy of Sciences, reported man-eating wolves having killed 26 children and adolescents in nine counties of the 44.000 sq. miles Vjatka area and ten in the 11.000 sq. miles Vladimir area in European Russia 1944-1953. After the hunters had left for the front, the wolves soon lost their fear of man. Has any US historian researched wolf attacks in 18th-19th century church records and newspapers?  Fact is, nobody knows the number of victims to wolves because most go undocumented.


Like the US Feds, the European Union attacks the Christian core values of society by enforcing wolf protection regardless of its human cost.


Magnus Hagelstam


Magnus Hagelstam



I attach background information to the letter in English for your information. 


Best regards,

Magnus Hagelstam

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