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Wolf Crossings

A Rural Viewpoint On Wolf Reintroduction And Protection

Reality Bites 

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Updated 10-06


Mexican Wolf Incident Gila Wilderness May 2000

The incident involved my son Thomas Lee Shelley who took a group of scouts and his registered Golden Retriever, Biff,  down the West Fork of the Gila the week of 29 May 2000. 

The Sun News reported it on the front page story in a well written story the following week.   Tom & scouts had entered the wilderness from the trailhead at Sandy Point, hiked arount the skyline trail past Mogollon Baldy,  down to the cabin on White creek built by my dad in 1936. T

heUSFWS wolf baby sitters encountered wouldn't let them proceed with their 50-mile hike as planned or get water on the West Fork because the pipestem wolf pack were denned up along the water holes, but Tom's group had been out of water for a long time.  The Forest Service representative finally allowed them to proceed after Tom persisted, and they spent a nite at Hells Hole where they had water. 

Wolves came into their camp during the nite and Biff became very excited.  The scouts had hung their food high in the trees in their camp and wolves were after food, but couldn't get to it.  After spotlighting the wolves with their flashlights for some time, Tom fire a shot over their heads with a 38 pistol he had which frightened them away for a while.  The following day they looked around, had breakfast and continued on their way  to the Cliff dwellings. 

Thomas R. Shelley