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Wolf Crossings

A Rural Viewpoint On Wolf Reintroduction And Protection

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Wolf Attacks 5 People Canada / Lake superior region

Local News
Tb News Source
Web Posted: 9/5/2006 3:32:43 PM
If you were confronted by a wolf would you turn and run?

The Ministry of Natural Resources says that's actually the worst thing you could do. The Ministry is stressing the importance of animal safety to local residents and research scientist Brent Patterson listed several tips that could get you out of a dangerous situation with a wolf.

Patterson says the idea that wolves are more afraid of us then we are of them is not always the case. He says the top things you should do when in close contact with a wolf is make lots of noise and make eye contact. He says people should never turn and run away from a wolf because there is a good chance the animal will chase you.

He says wolf attacks are not very common, however all animals are unpredictable.

Park officials shot and killed a wolf that attacked five people in a provincial park near Wawa on the holiday weekend.

They do not know what prompted the lone wolf to attack.

The wolf struck in Katherine's Cove, a popular tourist spot on Lake Superior along the Trans Canada highway. None of the victims were seriously injured, but they were taken to a hospital in Wawa for treatment.

The animal's carcass will be examined in Sault Ste. Marie.