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Mexican Wolf A Rural Viewpoint

Reality Bites

Updated 9-06



Just a quicky to let you know about 2 incidents near Red Hill New Mexico this past Saturday/Sunday. Horses & Mules were run through a fence late Saturday/early Sunday am, then a 3 month old puppy was brutally injured. On the later, a woman heard what she thought was a dog fight outside late Sunday afternoon (she has 2 small daughters and her husband was away at the time). When she went out to yell at the dogs she saw a wolf type animal with the family's pup. She called a neighbour(good friend of ours - I won't use the name here) who lives about 10 miles away, grabbed a gun and took off after the animals that had gone to this bluff behind their home. She got there to see several wolf-type animals and her little dog. She fired a shot to scare off the animals. When our friend got there the puppy was still alive, her skull and ribs crushed, breathing that jerking, shallow way they do when they are dying. Our friend couldn't stand to see the puppy suffer since they had given the pup to this family - so she took it out and put it down. She was kicking herself for shooting it in the head for FEAR THAT SHE MAY HAVE NULLIFIED EVIDENCE.

I assured her all the other injuries were sufficient for verification. They took pictures, too, and protected the wolf-like animal tracks they found. Sterling went the next day and verified that it was consistent with a large canid, as in a wolf-like animal, checked out the horses & mules and found tracks by them, too. Janess and Saleen are there to trap the animals right now to determine if they are project related wolves or hybrids from somewhere else. Apparently there had been wolf hybrids just west of Springerville causing problems, but J Brad & Sterling took care of them. We'll see what happens here - I'm disappointed that none WS people are there to trap, but the WS people were the first ones called by our friends because of past experience. I know the trappers will be watched like hawks and eyes will be primed for any wolf-like animals around. I'll keep you posted as I hear things. I haven't had a chance to contact Sterling   Have to go check heifers now before a 3PM Parent/Teacher meeting.

People have been hearing a wolf once in awhile south of Eagar I just found out. That's just a hop-skip and jump from the Hawks Nest pack.