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Remembering Kenton Carnegie,
University of Waterloo Geological Engineering Student

Kenton Joel Carnegie, a third-year University of Waterloo Geological Engineering Student, was admired as a leader, scholar and friend amongst his classmates.  He was actively involved within the school community as a member of the Engineering Society and a class representative for communications between professors and students, all while maintaining grades that far exceeded the class average. 

In November 2005, Kenton Carnegie died tragically on a work term placement in Northern Saskatchewan.  In memory of their good friend Kenton, the Geological and Environmental-Civil Engineering classes of 2007 are raising funds to purchase a memorial to commemorate his life. 

Kenton had an idea for his class when they graduated.  Their gift to the University of Waterloo would be a rock for the Peter Russell Rock Garden, located near the B2 Green.  Kenton’s classmates want to make his dream a reality, commemorating his wonderful life.  On behalf of and as a dedication to Kenton, his classmates are raising money to purchase a rock for the Peter Russell Rock Garden.

In order to purchase a large rock for the Garden, Kenton’s classmates are initiating a ribbon campaign at Waterloo.  Kenton’s friends and classmates assembled one evening to hand cut and glue over 500 black and yellow ribbons.  The colour scheme was a suggestion from Kenton’s parents, Lori & Kim Carnegie.  They represent Kenton’s involvement and achievements at the University of Waterloo.  All proceeds from this campaign will go directly towards the purchase of a rock for the Peter Russell Rock Garden, dedicated to Kenton.

The campaign will commence on November 8th, 2006, and ribbons will be available in exchange for donations at the Engineering Coffee and Donuts shop in CPH, Geological Undergraduate Office @ E2-2337, Earth Sciences Coffee and Donuts shop in EIT & various other locations.

Please be a part of remembering this University of Waterloo Engineering student and build a memorial for him that will last forever at our campus.

For further information, please contact Lisa Schneider, ext. 33464 or schneider@uwaterloo.ca