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Wolf Crossings

A Rural Viewpoint On Wolf Reintroduction And Protection

Reality Bites 

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Updated 10-06


The Forgotten Victims


Updated 9-15-2006

Pets and working dogs killed by wolves are usually not talked about much in the media however, people also suffer from the loss of these animals just as much, if not more than the loss of livestock.  A bad dog isn't worth a dime but a good dog is worth it's weight in gold. Many of the dogs killed by wolves yearly are simply considered by government agencies and NGO's supporting the reintroduction's as collateral damage. These animals are not paid for unless they are working stock dogs and the owner can prove their worth. 

Hunting dogs are not paid for, simply because the entities who make the rules for the rest of us have determined that they are at risk anyway during regular hunting activities and encountering wolves where they had not previously been is no different than if a dog is accidentally killed by a bear or lion.   Even though those killings are extremely rare and almost unheard of. Wolves, on the other hand, have and do stalk and kill entire packs of hunting hounds and even retrievers if they are in the area where the hunt is taking place.  Often loosing one hunting dog is the equivalent of loosing thousands of dollars and the animal often can not be replaced for years. 

The animal below is one such companion and valued dog.   One Mexican wolf maimed it's hind leg and gave it such brutal internal injuries that it had to be put down.  The children on the ranch who raised this dog from puppyhood could not be shielded from this tragedy and were deeply traumatized by loosing their lifelong pal in this manner. 

The economic worth of this dog to this family was five thousand dollars and was not considered a compensable loss to the family.


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