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Wolf Crossings

A Rural Viewpoint On Wolf Reintroduction And Protection

Reality Bites 

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Updated 11-06


Human Toll


Not Your Everyday Wolf Ed

Child Lifting in India pdf.  2.37 MB The Danger of Wolves to Humans pdf. 80KB
SOME INFORMATION FOR PEOPLE IN AREAS WHERE WOLVES HAVE BECOME COMMON    Valerius Geist, Professor Emeritus of Environmental Science, the University of Calgary  Aspen Pack Kills Horse in it's own corral Only one wolf to be removed

{Caution graphic photo's} Video on the way soon




  Where Wolves Walk Danger Stalks 11-08-06
Under Seige In Catron County 10-06 {Outside Link} Inquest into suspected wolf-attack
Wolf Scare Causes USFS Employees To Be Evacuated 10-06 Letter To The Editor from Finland over FS evacuation
Inquest Called In Canada Wolf Attack Fatality 9-06  
Wolf Cleared Of Rabies 9-06 Wolf Chases Cyclist Alaska 7-06
6 Injured In "Rare" Wolf Attack 9-06
Wolf Attacks Several People Near Lake Superior 9-06 Update Canada Wolf Attack 9-06
Anchorage woman attacked by wolf near Fairbanks 7-06 When A Wolf Strikes It's No Picnic 9-06
Close Encounter Raises Concerns About Wolves Wolf Attack Warnings For Bear Hunters 8-06
Wolves stalking hunters

{So you think wolves are shy and reclusive around man?}


Garbage Wolves and Death  
November 8 2005 A Student is Mourned Documents relating to Nov 8 Fatality  {Outside link so use back button to get back to this site.}
Salmon Man Calls Charges By Feds Retribution Feds File Complaint Against Anti Wolf Activist
Out of Africa Animal Park wolf attack Wolf Attack Victim Defends Wolves That Left Her In Critical Shape
  Starving Wolves Kill 6 Afghan Villagers
Ranchers Who Shot Wolf Avoids Fine By Placing Ad 1-05 Wolf attacks Saskatchewan man 1-05-2005


Boy Scouts Affected By Wolves  
Pacific Camper wakes up as wolf attacks