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Wolf Crossings

A Rural Viewpoint On Wolf Reintroduction And Protection

Reality Bites 

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Updated 11-06


Stacy and Six small.jpg (5845 bytes)

This is Six, he was a 5000.00 horse owned by the Miller Family in New Mexico and purchased for Mrs. Miller by her husband for her birthday.   A month before his death the little girl riding him in the picture, who is now 8 years old, witnessed a Mexican wolf attack a family dog in front of her.  She ran for her parents, a real no-no according to wolf biologists.  Thank goodness the dog was there or who knows what could have happened.  Wildlife officials in charge of the program didn't see this as an opportunity to manage these wolves.  There are consequences to not managing problem habituated wolves and the following photograph show only private citizens pay that price.

Wolf - carcass inside fence.jpg (134923 bytes)

This is how Six's owners found him on 1-09-07.   Killed by the Aspen pack after a valiant fight for his life which culminated in him trying to hide in his corral.  7 other horses were also in the pasture.  This attack occurred on private land at the home.  The family was in town when it occurred. Wolves know when you are not home and move in.  Rural people in NM wolf country can no longer leave home for any amount of time.  Some are even under siege by problem habituated wolves daily. This pack, or in some cases individual members of this pack have killed 6 of the neighboring dogs in the past 8 months.

wolf - carcass (Red Roy) in pic.jpg (135744 bytes)

The other half of Six's remains are inside the milk pen where he died.  Red Roy is looking on in the background.

Wolf Attack #1 (2).jpg (161277 bytes)

The family and neighbors at the scene.  Q. Will these folks ever feel safe again allowing their kids to do chores at their own home?

Six's carcass inside fence.jpg (157812 bytes)

The House in the background. The carcass of the horse in the foreground.

Wolf blood and gut pile.jpg (141840 bytes)

Gut pile where Six was disemboweled.  The carcass was three days old by now and the pack had cleaned up nearly everything. But the evidence is clear what happened and where.  The family described the scene as something like a gladiator fight.

Wolf - tracks between corral and house.jpg (197269 bytes)

Hard to see but the wolf tracks are everywhere along with the tracks of a struggling fighting horse.

Wolf Attack tracks  scat at front door (2).jpg (168953 bytes)

Wolf Tracks and Wolf scat within 5 feet of the front door.  How would you feel?