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Wolf Crossings

A Rural Viewpoint On Wolf Reintroduction And Protection

Reality Bites 

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Updated 10-06



Public Hearing on the

Impacts of the Mexican Wolf on Catron County





Date and time


County Courthouse

October 26th      600pm to 8pm


Workshop Purpose:   To present and discuss the various impacts on Catron County, the consequences and suggestions for relief.   The focus of the presentation will be on the economic and financial effects on the County’s base industry, the ranching community.  Nick Ashcroft, Associate Professor, NMSU Extension Research, will present his preliminary findings.


The Public Hearing will also present the impacts on other county businesses and to the County government, and what it means to Catron County in the long run.  We will also present findings on the social effects on families and households, as well as on social, cultural and psychological effects from wolf encounters.


The Catron County Commission Range and Livestock Committee will host the meeting.

The Public Hearing is a cooperative initiative between Catron County Commission, NMSU Extension Service, and the Southwest Center for Resource Analysis, WNMU.    


For more information contact: 

Bill Aymar, County Manager, 533-6423,  Aymar, Bill, ccmanager@gilanet.com

Alex Thal, WNMU, 538-6312,thala@email.wnmu.edu


We look forward to your participation in the workshops