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Wolf Crossings

A Rural Viewpoint On Wolf Reintroduction And Protection

Reality Bites 

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Updated 10-06


Mexican wolves in the "wilds" of AZ and NM


Wolf 592 taken from front yard of ranchhouse in New Mexico

another wolf on hill.jpg (110232 bytes)


Rancher dealing with wolves in Arizona.  Adding insult to injury, not only killing off his calf crop but hanging around his home.

Here they chase him back to his front porch while his wife weilds the camera.

Scottrun1.jpg (31312 bytes)


Rancher dealing with wolves on the trail.  An hours long standoff with the Campbell Blue pack of five resulted in one dog injury and a very long day holed up in a shed.  Fish and Wildlife Service and Sheriff's Deputies responded to his radio.   The rancher did not harm the wolves in any way though he was armed with a 22 and had every opportunity and reason.

ZCthreateninghorse.jpg (113676 bytes)ZDattackingdog.jpg (77949 bytes)



Wolf caught in a trap after exercising it's right to be a menace.

holding down.JPG (327778 bytes)


Wolf attacking yearling in New Mexico caught red pawed.

FArr wolf biting calf.jpg (395196 bytes)

This wolf was suspected of killing a 500 pound yearling several days prior to this incident.  Here he was caught in the act and removed from the ranch, only to be re-released so he could kill again.  None of his depredations have been confirmed.   The known depredations include a yearling steer, a cow calf pair, killed while calving.  Here he is biting the tail off and biting the ears of this yearling steer.