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I am sending this to everyone to let you see another example of how bad our agencies and the legal systems are.  It is just an outline of some of the actions that are going on in Wyoming reference wolves.   Except for the last article about the greens.   Where in the heck do they get standing?
Wyo. Sues U.S. Over Wolf-Plan Rejection

Another suit to be filed against Wyoming wolf management

Wyo sues Interior over wolf documents


Federal government: Wyoming can't sue over wolves

Wyoming G&F to spend federal money on wolf planning

Park County joins state wolf lawsuit



Judge lets groups (greens) defend wildlife (USFWS )service

By The Associated Press - 8/07/04

BOZEMAN — A federal judge agreed Thursday to let five environmental groups help defend the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service against a lawsuit filed by the state of Wyoming over rejection of its wolf management plan.

‘‘Wyoming has chosen a sort of maverick approach,'' said attorney Tom France, who represents the National Wildlife Federation. ‘‘This litigation is really taking us further away from wolf delisting and state management.''

Federal officials have said they will remove wolves from the endangered species list once Montana, Idaho and Wyoming have submitted acceptable management plans. Plans from Montana and Idaho have been accepted, but the fish and wildlife service rejected Wyoming's, which would remove protections once the animals leave national parks and adjacent wilderness areas.

Wyoming's plan did not ensure that at least 15 packs will remain in the state and lacked a scientific method to define a pack, said Jon Schwedler, a spokesman for the Predator Conservation Alliance.

Other groups joining the defense are the Greater Yellowstone Coalition, Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance and Wyoming Outdoor Council. Their request was granted by U.S. District Judge Alan Johnson.

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