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NM new and old pack news

The McKenna wolves, released about 3 weeks ago,  have moved south and are hanging out in the miller area.  There are 7 of them 5 pups and an alpha pair.  The AM has a GPS collar on him so they can tell what he is doing better. 


The San Mateo pair is trapped and removed.  According to John Oakleaf, the wolves were eating elk and doing well and may be slated for release into the Gila wilderness again.


The 511 pack, I believe they were formerly the Gapiwii has one alpha female collared an uncollared male and three pups they are near the N Bar ranch and Preston Bates. 


Luna is in and out of the Wilderness kind of into the 511 country on occasion.  At least according to John there are 3 of them.   

They will fly tomorrow and are making no effort at all to trap any of the uncollareds so keep an eye on your cattle.


According to my collections in the past couple months there are several other NM wolves in the area and out of the area.  at least one and more likely two have been in and out of our place sign was prominent in early July, there was a confirmation sighting by campers in mid July in Scales canyon these campers heard at least two howling and saw one up close.  


There was one sighting of a collared animal outside a home on Animas creek south of TorC C about late July.   


If anyone has anything to add, please let me know.  Of course my contributions don't have much credibility with the FWS but I gave them to them today when I called for some details.  There may be an attempt to come over this way and do some howling but who knows if they will follow through mush less tell us what they find.  There is no information forthcoming unless you call them and ask direct questions.  Feel free to do so if you have questions or problems. 





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