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Subject: "Defenders of Wildlife" are a fraud and its all about $, .....please ignore their e-mail campaign...


Dear Mr. Bush, 


"Defenders of Wildlife" learned in  Alaska in 1975 that by pandering to the ignorance and hysteria of urban masses about lethal wolf control that they can raise millions and abuse 501 c (3) of the U.S Tax Code.


They are at it again by bombarding the White House with a goal of 100,000 e-mails.


Please ask the Director of the Internal Revenue Service to audit them as is being done with the "Nature Conservancy".

Please halt the policy of awarding extremist lawyers who sue the USFWS/DOI over ESA issues virtually guaranteed legal fees.

Please understand that Idaho,Wyoming and Montana are in a crisis due to excessive wolf "recovery" that was supposed to be governed by the 11/18/94 "wolf implimentation rules", a contract between the federal government and Montana, Wyoming and Idaho.

Please instruct the DOI/USFWS to honor this contract.

Please know that to this date 5th Amendment federal government restitution responsibilities have been ignored.Ranchers,hunters,land owners and recreationists have rights too.

Please understand "that the goal of wolf recovery is to drive 30,000 ranchers off public land".Ranchers are entitled to 14th Amendment equal protection too.

Please understand that bureaucrats who operate in secrecy,without regular outside public review and accountability and a bottomless check book will never understand the word "proportionality".

Please hold public hearings on this issue so those who have committed crimes agianst the environment for power and profit will be held accountable. 



 Robert T. Fanning, Jr Chairman & Founder

Friends of the Northern Yellowstone Elk Herd, Inc (3,742 members)

P.O.Box 142

Pray, Montana 59065