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Tuesday Evening

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Matt and I caught them on the cows and calves last evening around 7 PM and they had them bunched up trying to get a calf out the calves were either crying or sucking we were just in time.  We ran them off all of 50 feet and started driving them down the canyon on foot.  I left Matt with the cows and the 30-30 and went up the other canyon to check those cows, on the way I met Dan the wolf guy and told him to hurry up, the wolves were following Matt and he might just shoot one.   Thankfully Dan had his cast iron underwear on because Matt laid it on heavy when he saw him  

I stopped at the house to get a blanket for Miles since it was getting cold and he was asleep in the jeep, thank goodness.  I also told the girls to saddle up and go help dad.  Which they did.

  Over the ridge I found a bagged up cow with wolf tracks nearby and all the other cows were far enough  up the other canyon and still all right with no sign of wolf activity around them.

  By the time I got back to the turnoff to the house, where we left the cows  but Matt was way off ahead on the road home and Dan was parked in the flat with our cows.  I picked up Matt and he said to go back and let him talk to Dan.  He didn't apologize but let it be known he didn't hate Dan.  Dan said he was going to stay in the cows all night and we told him to come to the house and eat first.  He said OK. 

  He called an hour later {satellite phone} and said the wolves were in the calves again and he wasn't coming in to eat.   By then it was 10PM so I made him supper and coffee and we took it out to him he said they were all over the cows and calves and howling at him and he was firing rubber bullets at them he only had enough light to set one trap though.  Since he was OK we went home to sleep.

  Woke up very early finally got up at 4:30 and Dan showed up at 5:15 with some good news,  he caught the male about 20 minutes before, talk about luck but apparently Dan has been improving as a trapper.   Melissa ( Ted Turners wolf specialist) was 3 hours away with a cage so we called a neighbor and he sent his wife over with a kennel. 

  We went back out and the female was still there with the male but not very close, it was breaking daylight by then.  Dan gave the wolf a sedative type drug so he would relax and not hurt himself in the trap.  Matt went to check the cows in 74 where I had gone the night before and I waited in case the kennel got there and Dan needed help loading the pooch. 

  Melissa showed up and we swapped her for the neighbors kennel and kept hers in case Dan got lucky again she took the wolf home to Sevilletta.

  The female ran off but I am sure she is somewhere nearby, Dan is looking around for her and then maybe he can sleep a few hours this time of day they aren't very active.  They ran him from calf to calf and canyon to canyon last night and he didn't get much rest I am just grateful it wasn't me but I may get a turn tonight  I do not carry rubber bullets though and I am sick of this situation.  These livestock killers should not be turned time after time.  We should be in for another hot time on the Rafter Spear tonight though.   Lonesome Lucy is the major stock killer of the pair and they were determined to get a calf.

    We are missing two calves since last Friday but haven't found any wolf poop yet to see what is up with that.  Probably won't be confirmed though.  One was about a week old and one was born Saturday to a cow that has never lost a calf, Matt had seen it Sunday Evening

  I was mistaken though the male wasn't responsible for killing any livestock he was not the Gavelin male he is from a different pack not a big problem until the last month.   He hasn't been trapped much either which may have been why it wasn't too hard to get hold of him. 

  Mad as we are about all this at least we had competent help and we are grateful for that.  Why the hell they are re-releasing stock killers is beyond me it is plain dumb and only makes the program look bad.  I guess these are the reasons we are having to sue.