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Wolves are back

No sooner that I griped to the game commissions about the release of our old friend lonesome Lucy the livestock killer than she shows up for a visit with her new mate.  John Oakleaf called last night about 9 pm with the happy news and they are with my cows and calves right now.   Ivy rode up to the top of the hill by the house this morning like she always does and met up with them.  She said they wouldn't leave her alone and she didn't want to turn her back on them so she blasted her single shot 22 off in the air a couple times and they scuttled down the hill into Turkey Run in front of her.  She was pretty excited when she came in.  
Everything was OK when I checked this morning and this afternoon nothing but tracks.   But life gets just a whole lot more complicated with them around.  How many times can you say I told you so.  The new name is the Sycamore pack.  The only good news is she should have had her puppies last week or maybe two weeks ago and she probably killed them if she traveled this far.
Laura Schneberger