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Wolf Crossings

A Rural Viewpoint On Wolf Reintroduction And Protection

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It probably got a free ride to Oregon  in the back of a Game and Fish vehcile.

Wild wolf sighted, filmed in Oregon

Posted by The Oregonian newsroom September 13, 2006 17:24

A young, black wolf appears to be roaming a roughly 120-square-mile section of Wallowa County in northeast Oregon, biologists say.

The animal was videotaped in late July and has been sighted repeatedly since then. A local rancher spotted it Sunday near some cows, but it ran off when the rancher drove toward it.

The wolf appears to be alone, biologists said. It is protected by both the federal Endangered Species Act and Oregon's own state Endangered Species Act.

Biologists have long predicted wolves would arrive in Oregon from Idaho, where they were reintroduced in 1995. The wolf population in Idaho is booming.

It is the first wolf known to take up residence in Oregon since approval of a state management plan for wolves. The plan sets a goal of four breeding pairs of wolves each in Eastern Oregon and Western Oregon, and calls for state biologists to monitor them.

Biologists said they are trying to identify areas frequented by the wolf. If they can, they will try to capture it and fit it with a radio collar so they can monitor its activity more carefully.

Officials have been informing local ranchers of the wolf's reported movements, they said.

Biologists still have not confirmed separate sightings of what may be another wolf or wolves in the nearby Wallowa Mountains.

-- Michael Milstein

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