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Wolf Crossings

A Rural Viewpoint On Wolf Reintroduction And Protection

Reality Bites 

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Updated 11-06


Nov 10-06: Wolves killed after killing cattle

AVON, Mont. (AP) - Wildlife officials killed five wolves this week on private land south of Avon, Montana.

The Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks says it authorized U-S-D-A Wildlife Services to kill the animals after a series of attacks on livestock.

State wildlife officials say three cattle have been killed by wolves since February, and one calf was probably killed by wolves.

Wildlife Services investigated the most recent depredation on Sunday and killed the wolves the following day.

Carolyn Sime is wolf program coordinator for Fish, Wildlife and Parks. She says the territory of the Spotted Dog wolf pack is mostly made up of private land managed for livestock production.

Sime says previous lethal control in September left at least nine wolves in the large pack. She says removing additional wolves is part of the agency's incremental approach to addressing confirmed livestock kills.

A collared female and up to five other wolves remain in the Spotted Dog pack.